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the Sacred chapel

True Nature Joy, Yes
The artist says, No I do not live by
The seasons the surfaces of cult
No matter how cultured, how so
No, no, no, for my spirit is turning
Naked in the garden in the building
Abiding stationed from surmounting
Again today, yes, mine is turning
I am worship in spirit and truth, yes
Turning, my spirit is whirling, yes
Whistling the song of the new, yes
Seeing through the veil laughing
With the children looking still, yes
We laugh we smile together, tender
Know us by our laughter by our joys
You know us, who are you as you are
Honor the shoots the fur the creek
Then honor and adoration yours, yes
Turning, whistling in the garden, yes
Whirling, my whirling spirit cures, yes
Cures from the top of the mountain, yes
The artist climbs the mountaintop, yes
Climbs to where can’t come down, oh
To the height of terror, to fright, oh
To climb the mountain of pain, yes
To speak with the mountain, to eat
At the table, to eat the mountain, yes
The mountain is in my belly, I ate yes
All the mountain is mine, all mine mine
Passed the terror, passed fright, no pain
Growing fervent making still no
Passed shepherding stewarding of night
Growing crooked making straight no
Passed away through the crevices yes
Passed on, closing the little crevices so
I say so, yes, my word is knowledge yes
My yes is knowledge, my yes cures so
My yes grows ever growing yes, so
I ate the mountain and I drank the sea
Yes, yes, into my spirit, whirling so so
Weaving beneath the depth of my sea
Washing tender backs of my lovers yes
Yes, my yes is good curing, a kiss yes
My no is medicine, I am medicine
I am perfect medicine, eater of rock
No forever, no for sure, no for all yes
No more suffers no more cures no yes
No more fences no lots no harrows yes
My belly is sure, my hands move yes
Yes, the mountain moves in me, yes
The mountains crow, I crow, I am yes
Yes the dawn of the mountains, yes
The crossing of the shining star, yes
The night is cool, yes, into the cracks
Into the lovers the artists all, yes yes
Washing, perfect medicine yes, all
Perfect knowledge, fine bellies yes
Builders the garden all, yes yes yes
All who know, who read do know, yes
Spirit in truth, I am worship, I am yes
Calling maker in the garden yes so yes
Calling whisper in the dark in clear fields
Through my heart of my matter yes so
Whistling through the garden, yes yes
Seas are moving, we are tidings, yes
All are children all one artists yes yes
Are makers world makers, yes, so yes
Whistling singing curing dancing, yes
Living yes the garden yes builds yes
I am the crow, I am nothing, I glimmer
Black crow, clear water, bright sun so
I am the father of tender children yes
Of perfect children tender woman so
Perfect lovers perfect artist say so
Yes quiet mountain singing mountain so
Yes living garden whirling so so
Joy yes so joy yes so joy yes