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the Sacred carpet

Only to that which is invisible,
It may be that which is becoming
Is visible, just as these words unfold
In flight as they are drawn in now,
And now that which is invisible is
Is that which has become visible,
And yet now too what remains?

Invisible is still as invisible as before
Both becoming and becomed before
Both of these visibility moves are
Both made, the one that which moves
Has no surety in itself, for it is only
It that which has no visible precedent,
Becoming from the invisible to thee
Already envisioned, then as the now
Same as the other goes, which having
Been made visible is been seen and is
Now, now no longer naked but rather Rather actually totally clothed-not
Not knot-closed off, though truly,
Utterly and simultaneously as now
In every way, precisely be-cause-of
Having the qualities of both, of now
Becoming and being is naturally and
And effortlessly and is a has been
So all visible is clothed in this and one
Qualities of, one tastes of, this has
Been, and so this is like bitter a tiny
Bit, this has been, is also both thees
Essence of the flavor of bitterness
As a well, and as the face of the one
That thee which is visibly embittered,
Unified parent of these two children,
Grandchildren: the one that, vividly
Shimmering the face of the flavor is
The one who tastes the yet-not-
Visible one essential for both.

So this invisibility is also the parent
Of the cousins of salt, the essences
Of constant, a real flavor preserves,
This visioning which like a sharp to
The flattening delivers contrast,
The one flavoring for flavors of that
Have has been, piquing the essence
In contrast to those patterns know,
Making to slide through and to fill
The void of the has been with what?

Has yet to be.

This makes to stay permanently
The essence of the pattern, enough
So enough of that which is invisible
So so may be sustained through a,
A kind of waking, a waving to weave
Carving, colour from clarity to the tip
Of tongues of wording such as this,
Sustained so long enough to have
Become and been that which has
Been have, and this salty irony in old
Cats who cackle and sing and chirp
With glee bears the salt of the earth
In dousing dishes which demonstrate
Balance of the bitterness with thee
Obvious shared source of both us
Visioning and visioned, this open thou
Visor, this whole sweet oceanic body
Invisible, which both may relate too
And of and from, and now, and with
And without debt for of the nature of
Giving purpose to vision and without
Cause save for to sweeten all which
All has been, made seen, made is
Clothed, naked body, shown in thee
Unadorned human, born on the taste
For the visibly glorious.

This invisible.

This body is what I have been shown
And which I shine now, endlessly and
Effortlessly in every way, to taste of
Both efforting and ease, you and I.

This which is so, so glorious, behold.