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the Sacred proffer


The Everberry Tree Raindrop

Only you Lord of All may take
Yoke, my pain upon your Brow
Straight away and truly kind
I melt into you so Surrendered.
Sunderland aging fallen away,
Treasure without time’s toll;
Your face upon the Holy Sky.
And my teardrops find home
Just, the same as yours my Joy,
My King, my Kin, I worship All.
I would be less than a crushed mortal
Without, wanting everywhere of You.
And yet you Are, and throw Wide
Your gulf quenching all Embrace.
Because you were the Only One,
Who could and did Give it All Up
For everyone & everybody One.
It’s a bit of an Irish Goddess worthy,
I know Shosanna kisses you plenty.
You plunge me into your Darkness
So to throw me made of your Lite;
And I bloom into your winged Ground,
Saying my Love my Dear my Darling.